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how long does it take to learn python

I’ve been learning python for about six months now. Not spending 8 hours a day on it but more as a hobby.
I started less than a year ago with html, css and javascript. So I did start python with some solid knowledge on what code and programming is about.
Of course, when starting python, I fell in love with the syntax and simplicity this language offers. It also allowed me to easily learn some complex programming concepts that I am able to use in other languages I sometimes have fun with (for example VBA).
After six months of python I have had a few projects going on and here are the major things I worked on, chronologically:

  1. I created a bot that plays an online game for me. It works recognizing images on the screen and clicking where appropriate. This was a great experience as it was the first “big” program I ever wrote.
  2. Raspberry pi: working on this one with my brother. We have had different projects. Starting from lighting up lights to a self driving car:
  1. ​

    ​​​our next goal with this one is to add a camera and be able to control the car from a website.

  2. OpenPyxl: I use a lot of Excel for work. VBA is a great language but I like being able to do things through python, completely in the dark and once I open excel it magically copied and compared data from different files. So many things happen “underneath” that I haven’t been able to do with VBA.
  3. Django: is what I try to focus on the most more recently. If I want to one day work in the tech industry I believe Web Development is the best route for me to start in. Django is really powerful and starts making sense (I have to say the beginning seemed a little overwhelming because there are a lot of things that need to be understood, as well as the links between those things) to me. I think the fact I started with html, css and javascript is really going to help me out in Django projects so I’m looking forward to the future things I will create.

After 6 months I’m pretty happy with the python level I have reached. I hope I’ll manage to double this knowledge in the next six months. And be able to apply as much as possible in my day to day life (current job, personal apps, other projects) on order to keep it as exciting as it has been.

I hope this answer gives you an idea of what the next few months might look like for you.

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