Question: Problem Statement: The Beauty Pet Salon Needs A Software System That Is Able To Record Bookings, Pet Arrivals, And Manage

Problem statement: The Beauty Pet Salon needs a software system that is able to record bookings, pet arrivals, and
manage the appointments. The system should also help the user to register order requests and send
them to the “All You Need for Your Pet” store. Each pet is registered with one of several pet sitters
of the Salon. Each pet has a record stored on the system, holding their name, details of the owner
(contact information), and a list of all appointments, past and booked. Some treatments may also be
prescribed (the use of special shampoo, for example) and will be listed in the pet record too. There is
only one secretary on duty in the salon at a time. Pet owners call or speak to the secretary to
arrange an appointment with a pet sitter. When requesting a new appointment, the pet owner will
describe the required service (bath, massage, hair comb, hair trim, etc.) which are then listed and
stored with the appointment information. The secretary will then arrange an appointment date/time
that is convenient to the pet sitter and inform the owner of the pet. An owner may change the
date/time of the appointment, if a slot with the relevant pet sitter is available. An owner may cancel
an appointment, fail to attend, or attend the appointment. On attending an appointment, the
owner’s pet will first be checked in, then will be seen by the pet sitter, before, finally, the
appointment is finished. After the appointment, the pet sitter may make some notes to be added to
the pet’s record and/or they may amend the current list of products that are needed.
The shopkeeper at the All You Need for Your Pet store will need to retrieve the current list of
products from each pet’s record. After each month, the Beauty Pet Salon must print a report of how
many appointments each pet sitter has taken, how many appointments were attended, missed or
cancelled, and how many products were ordered.
Create a UML Use Case Diagram and Use Case descriptions for all the use cases of the system
• The diagram contains all the possible actors involved in the system
• The diagram contains all the uses cases necessary for the functionality of the system and the
relations among actors and use cases are correct
• All the use case description tables are provided
Create a UML Class Diagram of the system
• The diagram contains all the classes necessary
• The relations among classes, cardinalities, type of associations are correct and follow the
UML logic.
• Design patterns (e.g., MVC) are used in the design.


Here it is given a pet salon.A pet salon will provide all the services required for a pet.For that the pet of an owner should register.A petsitter is a person who will take care of the pet.Here the actors are pet owner,per sitter,secretary and the shopkeeper of “All you need for pet”.

The UML use case diagram is given below:

The Usecase description is given below:

USE CASEBeauty Pet Salon
GOALA pet owner want some treatment for his pet
PRE CONDITIONPet owner will call the secretary to get an appointment
POST CONDITIONSecretary inform the pet owner when the appointment is finished and the appointment date and time is informed.
ACTORSPet owner,Pet sitter,Secretary,Shop keeper
  1. Each pet is registered in the system and record stored in the system.
  2. Pet owner calls the secretary to get appointment
  3. Also the pet owner describes some services that are needed for his pet.
  4. Secretary checks the avilable pet sitter and inform the daate and time of the appointment to the pet owner.
  5. Pet owner can manage the appointment.
  6. A pet sitter will check the pet and some notes are addded to the record of the pet.
  7. A shop keeper of “All you need for your pet” retrive a list of product needed for the pet from the record.
  8. Secretary print report about the appointment.

5 a.A pet owner can manage the appointment as:

  1. Change the appointment date/time according to the pet sitter.
  2. Cancell the appointment if pet owner can’t attend that date.

Here the Use case description will describe all the process happening in the Beauty Pet Salon system.

UML Diagram:

A UML diagram of the system is given below:

The UML diagram with all information is given above.

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